Quest 1 of 4 Many Hands Make... uh... Something-Something.Edit

Quest 2 of 4 A League of Her OwnEdit

Quest 3 of 4 Why do you build me up?Edit

Well, great. One look at our logo and the citizen volunteers quit! We need a heavy-hitter... like a college community service fraternity! We gotta build a University to house them!

Craft 2 Foundations at the Manufacturing Plant.
Marble Block
Craft 2 Marble Blocks at the Manufacturing Plant.
Gain 10 Reputation by Visiting Neighbors.

Quest Complete!

Great! Think of all the good this University will bring when it's finished - community service volunteers! And, like, education opportunities and stuff.

Rewards: 4xp, 130 Coins, 2 Marble Blocks

Quest 4 of 4 Give Accreditation where Accredit is DueEdit

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