Pic Name From... Switch Find it... Craft
Antacid Antacid Other Convenience Store /
Architecture Magazine Architecture Magazine Other / Ask friends /
Avocado Avocado Other Mexican Food Truck Stand /
Bag of Rice Bag of Rice Other / Ask friends /
Bag of Sand Bag of Sand Housing Day Bungalow,
Tropical Mansion, ...
Manufacturing Plant
Barrel Barrel Warehouses / Ask friends /
Battery Battery Other / / Technology Developer
Blackmail Blackmail Businesses Police Station,
City Hall,
Law Office
Block of Tofu Block of Tofu Crafting / / Rosemary's Studio
Blowtorch Blowtorch Businesses / Ask friends Auto Plant
Blueprints Blueprints Other / Ask friends /
Boneless Chicken Boneless Chicken Other Chinese Food Truck Stand /
Book Book Businesses Day Coffee Shop,
Bottle of Stink Bottle of Stink Businesses Ask friends Auto Plant
Brick Brick Housing Day Cottage,
Mansion, ...
Rosemary's Studio
Bucket of Nails Bucket of Nails Other / Ask friends /
Builder Builder Other Pickup Truck /
Bus Route
Campfire Campfire Housing Night From buildings /
Can Can Warehouses Small Warehouses, Medium Warehouses /
Canned Food Canned Food Other Ask friends /
Cheese Cheese Other / Campo de' Fiori
Citizen Citizen Other Sedan /
Concrete Block Concrete Block Other Ask friends /
Costume Jewelry Costume Jewelry Businesses Luxury Hotels,
Department Stores
Crate Crate Warehouses Small Warehouses /
Doodad Doodad Other Click on cars /
Eggs Eggs Other Ask friends /
Electronics Electronics Businesses Financial Center,
Software Labs
Tech Developer
Engine Engine Other / Auto Plant
Expansion Plan Expansion Plan Other / / Manufacturing Plant
Expansion Vote Expansion Vote Other Ask friends /
Fine Jewelry Fine Jewelry Businesses / Bazaar
Foundation Foundation Crafting / / Manufacturing Plant
Frog Frog Housing

Pet Store,
From homes near a park with a Duck Pond.

Fuel Fuel Businesses Gas Stations Auto Plant
Furniture Furniture Other / / Bazaar
Garlic Garlic Other Clicking on friends food trucks /
Glass Glass Businesses Neighborhood Bars,
Rosemary's Studio
Gossip Gossip Other Ask friends /
GPS GPS Other Sedan /
Granola Granola Other Rosemary's house Rosemary's Studio
Grease Grease Businesses Fast Food Restaurant,
Gourmet Pizzeria,
Cosmetic Store, Brew Pubs
Ground Coffee Ground Coffee Businesses Coffee Shop,
Grocery Store,
Small Deli
Manufacturing Plant
Hammer Hammer Other Cottage, Mansion, Rowhome Rosemary's Studio
Ham Radio Ham Radio Other "Weather Experiments" /
Humidor Humidor Crafting / / Bazaar
Infrastructure Infrastructure Other Ask friends /
Ink Ink Businesses City Hall,
Elementary School,
Post Office
Instruction Instruction Other / Ask friends /
Jackhammer Jackhammer Other Trucks /
Long Scarf Long Scarf Parks Houses next to a park with a Police Booth /
Lumber Lumber Housing Cottage,
Lumber Mill
Manufacturing Plant
Marble Block Marble Block


Luxury Hotel,
Manufacturing Plant
Meat Mix Meat Mix Other

Ask friends or click on food and restaurant businesses

Mystery Meat Mystery Meat Businesses Small Deli,
BBQ Pork Pit,
Neon Light Neon Light Businesses Fast Food Restaurant,
Gas Station,
Barber Shop
Auto Plant
Oil Oil Businesses Cosmetic Store,
Donut Shop,
Barber Shop
Auto Plant
Olive Oil Olive Oil Other / Ask friends /
Orital Stabilizer Orbital Stabilizer Other / Ask friends /
Paper Paper Businesses Grocery Store,
Elementery School,
Xiao Cottage,
Rosemary's Studio
Paper Lantern Paper Lantern Crafting / / Manufacturing Plant
Penguin Fish Penguin Fish Other Collect from food and restaurant businesses /
Penguin Food Penguin Food Other / / Penguin Habitat
Piece of Coal Piece of Coal Other / Ask friends /
Plastic Plastic Businesses Convenience Store Manufacturing Plant
Police Badge Police Badge Parks Houses next to a park with a Police Booth /
Radioactive Waste Radioactive Waste Businesses Aerospace Lab Tech Developer
Recyclable Recyclable Other / Visiting neighbors /
Road Map Road Map Other City Vehicles /
Rubber Stamp Rubber Stamp Businesses City Hall,
Post Office,
Salami Salami Other Ask friends /
Scrap Metal Scrap Metal Housing BBQ Pork Pit,
Trapical Mansion, ...
Manufacturing Plant
Siren Siren Businesses Donut Shop,
Fire Station,
Police Station
Manufacturing Plant
Spaghetti Spaghetti Other / / Campo de' Fiori
Spare Part Spare Part Other / Visit your neighbors /
Stucco Wall Stucco Wall Crafting / / Manufacturing Plant
Student Student Businesses Bakerie,
Houses that are next to parks with a carousel or Swing Set.
Sunshine Sunshine Housing Florist
In houses next to parks that have a Gazebo
Tank Tank Warehouses Ask friends /
Thingamajig Thingamajig Other Click on Trucks /
Tiger Chow Tiger Chow Other / / Tiger Habitat
Tiger Costume Tiger Costume Other / Ask friends /
Tiger Trainer Tiger Trainer Other / Ask friends /
Tile Roof Tile Roof Crafting / / Manufacturing Plant
Tire Tire Industrial
Tomato Sauce Tomato Sauce Other / Ask friends /
Top Hat Top Hat Other / Ask friends /
Toy Toy Businesses Ask friends Bazaar
Trash Trash Businesses Bars,
Wine Wine Other / Ask friends /
Wire Wire Businesses Business Center,
Firework Stand
Manufacturing Plant
Wishlist Wishlist / Businesses /